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About Us

BASIC Giraffe Technologies (BG) aims to be technology partner for startups and SME who are keen to pursue a phase of business transformation.

Startups – in the era where we dare to dream and dream the impossible, we thrive to bring that dream to reality. Often entrepreneurs started with a brilliant business idea but lack the technical knowledge to manifest their ideas into reality.Here is where BG can provide the necessary technical consultation and development expertise to build and deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) for the initial launch or pitches to the angel investors.

We are investors ourselves as well, and given the considerations are right, we will reinvest in these startups as well bring the product to maturity.

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The name, BASIC Giraffe came from the following ideologies which we embraced.

BASIC – being the language which goes by the design philosophy emphasizing ease of use. It allows non-scientists and mathematicians to use computer in the 1960s. Likewise, we hope to bring down barriers of entry for the use of technologies and eventually help our clients to leverage on them for their productivities.

Giraffe – the tallest mammal on earth, sees above the tree top yet its feet firmly on the ground. We hope to see beyond canopy and into the horizon, yet our foundation and beliefs allows us to stay rooted firmly on to the ground.

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